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What makes us different?

The daycare supplies the transport and supervision for these events at no extra cost to the parents. Parents are only responsible for entrance fees where applicable

Instead of just providing supervision with some local playground time after school, Top Drawer offers optional field trips after school and on professional days to keep our children in an active lifestyle. 

These events include swimming, skating, rock climbing, gymnastics, cross-fit, local hikes, beaches, visits to various playgrounds and indoor play facilities as well as visits to educational institutions such as Science world, the Vancouver Planetarium, museums and aquariums.

This saves most parents from having to take their children to swimming, skating, art, Lego and other lessons.

Educational visits by the local emergency services such as the Police and Fire Department are also arranged from time to time. 

During festive seasons we also hire professional entertainers such as Magicians, Clowns and Santa’s to entertain our children.

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