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Our Daycare Story

We will let the founder of the daycare, Jenifer Joyce. tell the story in her own words:


"I began providing daycare in 1974 for children long before any licensing or childcare regulation existed. My first licensed daycare was in my home in North Vancouver where I had 10 school aged children, before and after school. Top Drawer was incorporated in 1989 when it grew substantially. We operated from Westlynn Baptist Church for 8 years, 


Tragically Jennifer passed away in 2011. Her daughter took over the business and 3 years later when her family required more and more of her attention she sold it to the present owner Lorraine van der Poel. Lorraine ran the daycare for 9 years and then decided to retire

We purchased the daycare from Lorraine in January of 2024



The present owner Lorraine van der Poel
Who are we?

In 1997 the present owner Lorraine van der Poel and her family arrived in Canada after emigrating from South Africa. Six months later she started working at Top Drawer Daycare as a teacher.  Within five years the owner promoted her to the Daycare Manager, a position she held until she finally purchased the daycare in December of 2014.


Lorraine van der Poel has been in the daycare business for 34 years and has a formal teacher’s degree in early childhood education obtained from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Over her career she has worked at multiple daycares and has been principal of two mayor daycare centers in South Africa – one was a daycare center of the biggest church group in South Africa and the second was that of a mayor Hospital group. She has also taught early education classes in a local elementary school for 5 years. Since arrival in Canada she has been employed by Top Drawer daycare and of the 17 years she worked for the daycare she managed the establishment for the last 12 years. As such, Lorraine has in-depth knowledge of the daycare business including the operations side (e.g., running day-to-day operations) and the business management side (e.g., staffing, marketing, etc.).

Our Philosophy

Top Drawer Daycare is founded on the fundamental belief that every child is a unique creation, deserving of love, respect, a safe and secure environment and an opportunity to freely discover themselves, others and the world at large.



To put our philosophy into practice we will work on the emotional, the physical intellectual and social development of the children



Our goal is to provide truly enjoyable exercise, which will encourage an active healthy lifestyle.



The Children love coming to Top Drawer Daycare because they do all the things they like while reaping the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle. The daycare provides a safe and happy environment for all the children, with the added bonus of safe and reliable transportation to and from school



As an additional bonus the field trips offered by the daycare in the afternoons after school saves most parents from having to take their children to swimming skating and bowling lessons. These come at no additional cost other than the entrance fees.


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